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About Us

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Our process


Sustainable design.

We draw a lot of inspiration from nature, so we take extra care to make sure our products are brought to life sustainably – from the idea to the last stage of the production process, packing, and shipping. We use natural and responsibly sourced materials. We create well thought-out designs, and we repeatedly test their functionality so that the end product is perfectly suited to your needs.


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The creative process begins with a general idea. At this stage, our objective is to determine the most pressing user needs so that products provide answers to real and current workspace organization challenges. Apart from that, we keep a close eye on technological and industry trends to help us tailor our products to market demands.


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Having established the initial concept, it’s time to design the products. Starting with some sketches, we try to generate as many solutions to the issue at hand as possible. Even at this early stage, we sometimes make a simple prototype which allows us to test its functionality and validity. We do our best to ensure our designs seamlessly join aesthetics with functionality.


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Our own, technologically advanced machine park gives us access to prototypes ready to be tested for their usability and functionality. First, we quickly prototype new products using their 3D models, and our key element – wood. In case any problems arise, we introduce the fixes and manufacture new prototypes – this goes on until we obtain a thoroughly satisfactory result.

The final phase of iterative prototyping is making a prototype of each element of the final product. Through this, we can adjust the design to a particular production technology and choose the most fitting finish. Once the final prototypes are approved, we prepare the project paperwork and move on to our next step in this process – the production.


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The production process consists of several smaller stages which differ depending on the kind of product being made. One common feature of all our products is that each of them is developed and refined by qualified craftsmen. The elements are made by processing or numerically controlled machines. Some parts are also processed manually – this usually includes shaping, sanding, and oiling. The years we’ve spent working with helped us develop our own unique, high-quality methods of treatment.

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